These unpacking documents will help better understand the NC AIG Program Standards by providing clarifying descriptions of each standard and practice and by sharing general implementation ideas. The unpacking documents were originally developed with input from AIG Coordinators across each region and have been updated to align with the newly revised NC AIG Program Standards.

The unpacking documents are intended to be a work in progress; therefore, we welcome comments and additions! If you would like to submit ideas to enhance any practice or standard, please complete the "Unpacking IDEA form" and we will add material to the documents periodically. We will also soon release a companion document - an Index of Implemented Ideas - with specific references to districts. Your ideas may be appear there as well - so please consider sending in some feedback!

Also provided here is the Identification Resource Guide, which provides clarity for districts regarding all aspects of the identification process - as outlined in the Article 9B legislation.

Please also see the Resource List below which provides an annotated bibliography for the NC AIG Program Standards.

Standard 1: Student Identification


Standard 2: Differentiated Curriculum and Instruction

Standard 3: Personnel and Professional Development

Standard 4: Comprehensive Programming within a Total School Community

Standard 5: Partnerships

Standard 6: Program Accountability

AIG Program Standards Resource List