NCAGT 2018

Opening Keynote

Special Populations study
For each of the special populations highlighted below, there were three concurrent sessions focusing on the following topics:
  • Session 1 - Social and Emotional Needs
  • Session 2 - Identification
  • Session 3 - Instruction

All of the presenters will be contacted and asked to share their materials used during the sessions. We are happy to host their information, so that we can help to build understanding and support for the various populations of gifted learners. In utilizing the materials, we would ask that you thoughtfully consider and honor the request below from Dr. Mary Ruth Coleman. While she speaks specifically about the 2e materials, we feel the same rings true for all of the populations and the presenters who dedicated their time to this effort.

Dear Gifted Education Community,

Thank you for your interest in students who are 2e! These materials were presented during the NCAGT March Institute, 2018. You are more than welcome to use them to share information, build awareness, and support the successful education of students who have both gifts and challenges. The more we share the better things will get for our students! In using the materials please remember to site the original source and authorship. Together we can accomplish so much more!

All the Best,
Mary Ruth Coleman, Ph.D.

Reaching Twice Exceptional (2e) learners
(Dr. Mary Ruth Coleman)

Reaching Kids of Poverty
(Dr. Linda P Robinson)

Reaching Gifted Girls

Reaching African American males
Access all presentation materials at the following link:
Reaching English Learners

Reaching Highly Gifted

NCAGT 2017
DPI Team Sessions

Delving into AIG Data!
Curtis Sonneman, NCDPI

DPI Updates - Including News about ESSA
Curtis Sonneman, NCDPI
Sneha Shah Coltrane, NCDPI

Reading & Writing in Math for the Gifted
Kitty Rutherford, NCDPI

What’s the Connection between EVAAS & AIG?
Paul Marshall, NCDPI
Visit the EVAAS wikisite:

On the home page, scroll down to "What's the Connection Between EVAAS & AIG?"
Dynamic Word Walls: Active Learning and Literacy in Science
Donna Kenestrick, NCDPI

The NC AP Partnership: Strengthening AP Programs in NC
Kathleen Koch & Jerry McMahan - The College Board

Seeing the Whole Picture of Text Complexity
Lisa Llewelyn McIntosh, NCDPI

Opportunity of a Lifetime: Career & College Promise
Isaac Lake, NCDPI
Demond McKenzie, NCDPI

Moving Forward With Purpose!
Stephanie Cyrus, NCDPI
Sneha Shah Coltrane, NCDPI

State of the State, Keynote Address
Sneha Shah Coltrane
Director, Division of Advanced Learning & Gifted Education

NCAGT 2016
DPI Team Sessions

Common Mathematical Misconceptions
Kitty Rutherford, NCDPI

NC Accountability Data and AIG Students: Digging In!
Curtis Sonneman, NCDPI
Sneha Shah-Coltrane, NCDPI

The Insider's Guide to Submitting the Local AIG Plan
Stephanie Cyrus, NCDPI

NCAPP: Ensuring College and Career Success for NC's Students
Kathleen Koch, College Board
Jerry McMahon, College Board

Wonders of Weather, K-8
Donna Kenestrick, NCDPI

Making Questioning A Habit of Mind
Lisa Llewellyn McIntosh, NCDPI
Angie Stephenson, NCDPI

Career and College Planning (CCP):
A Jumpstart to the Future
Lisa Eads, NC Community Colleges System Office
Sneha Shah-Coltrane, NCDPI

Using NCVPS to Differentiate for AIG Learners
Michelle Lourcey, NCVPS/NCDPI
State of the State Keynote Address
Sneha Shah Coltrane

NCAGT 2015
DPI NCAGT Sessions

NC Accountability and AIG Data

Virtual Learning with NCVPS

ELA Team Developing Academic Language

College Board NC AP Partnership

Science Team Casual Patterns

Principals and AIG: Effective Partnership

Math Team Principles to Actions
For more information:

NCAGT 2014
February 27-28, 2014


AIG State of State Keynote 2014

Math Session

Credit by Demonstrated Mastery

Science Sessions

College Board Session

Social Studies Session

Science Session

ELA Session

NCVPS Session

NCAGT 2013 Presentations

Clustering Presentation

NCDPI Presentations at NCAGT Convention 2012:

38th Annual NCAGT Conference- March 15-16, 2012, Winston-Salem, NC:

DPI~AIG State of the State




Adapting NCSCOS

AIG Growth