NC AIG Program Standards

NC AIG Program Standards
Proposed Revisions:
The NC AIG Program Standards are currently under review. We are grateful to all stakeholders who have shared feedback and who have proposed revisions to consider. On May 3, 2018 during the State Board of Education (SBE) meeting, the following draft was shared with the SBE for their review. The DRAFT standards will be available for public comments and review for one month, and the SBE will take into account any further feedback and/or comment in June 2018, when the NC AIG Program Standards will be on the SBE agenda for approval.

Below, the overview document provides a "side by side" comparison of the changes to the standards and the rationale for the proposed changes.

Current NC AIG Program Standards (approved October 1, 2015)

Previous NC AIG Program Standards may be found below:

Technical corrections were approved at the SBE in December 2012, These are noted in final form above. These are noted in "strike-through" format below for your use in Local AIG Plan development.