Local AIG Plans are due to NCDPI by Friday, July 15, 2016. These plans must be approved by Local Boards of Education before submitting to NCDPI.

Please contact Sneha or Stephanie if you would like to schedule a conference call to discuss your Local AIG Plan.

As we prepare for AIG Plan revisions in the upcoming school year, we will be presenting revisions to the current standards to the State Board of Education. The revised standards are below:

The NC AIG Program Standards were approved by the State Board of Education, on Thursday, 1 October 2015.

Many local districts and/ or schools find it helpful to review the "red-line" version of the standards for professional development purposes. This mark up version of the NC AIG Program standards is available below:

Hopefully, this sample Plan Revision Overview Calendar will provide some guidance for the plan revision process. Many districts already have a planning calendar in place; this is not meant to replace your internal resources - only to support those who are unsure of where to begin.

The resources below have been updated to reflect the newly revised and adopted standards.

Self-Assessment Tool
This step is required within the online tool for submitting local plans and completing the document will help lead your program evaluation efforts. Consider how you will work closely with your advisory board/ group to gather feedback from a variety of stakeholders regarding the self assessment. While the synthesized ratings will be loaded into the Local AIG Plan site when submitting your plan, all comments and other information are for local use only.

The "Overview" provides guidance for the plan writing process and considerations of best practices throughout the standards.

The new planning tool - can be used for districts to begin the brainstorming process around the following:
1. How the LEA will respond to each practice within the standard
2. For each overall standard, what the plans might be to "strengthen the standard"
3. For each overall standard, what sources of evidence will the district use to monitor implementation and determine effectiveness of the overall programming efforts

Possible Surveys for Local Use
These surveys were developed for local use only. Feel free to adapt and use as needed.
Standards are noted by each items for ease and better analysis.

Parent Survey

Teacher Survey