AIG Booster Shots

This AIG Booster Shots were developed in direct response to district and teacher needs. These sessions will provide you the tools needed for a professional development series that is meaningful (and quick!) and can support teachers with instruction for AIG learners tomorrow!

The AIG Booster Shots will help you to facilitate mini-pd sessions focused on best gifted instructional practices. They are designed to be 30-45 minutes with the primary audience being K-12 teachers who have already had professional development regarding gifted and differentiation before, but need a reminder. Hence, the name - AIG Booster Shots. The AIG Booster Shots may also be used to introduce differentiation and best practices for AIG/advanced learners to teachers. You may need to adapt some of the content.

Each AIG Booster Shot includes the following components:
  • Powerpoint presentation with audio file on individual slides.
  • Powerpoint presentation without audio file.
  • Script, which matches the audio.
  • Facilitator's Guide, including Background Information, Resources, and Follow-Up Activities

Please use these components and adapt as needed to your context.

AIG Booster Shots
Link to Resources
(Download as needed)
AIG Booster Shot 1: Differentiation - The Basics
AIG Booster Shot 2: Questioning
AIG Booster Shot 3: Tiered Assignments
AIG Booster Shot 4: Curriculum Compacting
AIG Booster Shot 5:
Independent Studies, Small-Group Projects
AIG Booster Shot 6: Seminars
AIG Booster Shot 7: Concept-based Teaching
AIG Booster Shot 8: Concept Attainment

The voice on the audio is Dr. Caroline Cunningham Eidson. DPI contracted with Dr. Eidson for the development of these AIG Booster Shots.