AIG Booster Shots

This AIG Booster Shots were developed in direct response to district and teacher needs. These sessions will provide you the tools needed for a professional development series that is meaningful (and quick!) and can support teachers with instruction for AIG learners tomorrow!

The AIG Booster Shots will help you to facilitate mini-pd sessions focused on best gifted instructional practices. They are designed to be 30-45 minutes with the primary audience being K-12 teachers who have already had professional development regarding gifted and differentiation before, but need a reminder. Hence, the name - AIG Booster Shots. The AIG Booster Shots may also be used to introduce differentiation and best practices for AIG/advanced learners to teachers. You may need to adapt some of the content.

Each AIG Booster Shot includes the following components:
  • Powerpoint presentation with audio file on individual slides.
  • Powerpoint presentation without audio file.
  • Script, which matches the audio.
  • Facilitator's Guide, including Background Information, Resources, and Follow-Up Activities

Please use these components and adapt as needed to your context.

AIG Booster Shots
Link to Resources
(Download as needed)
AIG Booster Shot 1: Differentiation - The Basics
AIG Booster Shot 2: Questioning
AIG Booster Shot 3: Tiered Assignments
AIG Booster Shot 4: Curriculum Compacting
AIG Booster Shot 5:
Independent Studies, Small-Group Projects
AIG Booster Shot 6: Seminars
AIG Booster Shot 7: Concept-based Teaching
AIG Booster Shot 8: Concept Attainment

The voice on the audio is Dr. Caroline Cunningham Eidson. DPI contracted with Dr. Eidson for the development of these AIG Booster Shots.

NEW AIG Booster Shot series focusing on the social and emotional needs of gifted learners!!!

Link to Resources (download as needed)
AIG Booster Shot 1: Overview of Characteristics (focusing on the social and emotional needs)
Characteristics overview folder
AIG Booster Shot 2: Overexcitability
Overexcitabilities folder
AIG Booster Shot 3: Asynchronous development
Asynchronous Development folder
AIG Booster Shot 4: Perfectionism & Underachievement
Perfectionism & Underachievement folder